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Head Instructor: Prof. Myke Symonds.
As a child of just 4, Shi-jo was practising “some sort of unknown Shadow Boxing” around the house, including Pillow Punching and Throwing. On his first day at school, he was approached and attacked by two bullies, who he dispatched with a perfect Bow Stance & Double-Punch!

After sorting out the bullies at the next school too, at 9 a precious symbol came in to the house and he knew that it had deep significance - probably from a past life in China. This symbol was a Snake & Crane, entwined in combat: the symbol used to define T’ai Chi’s creation by Ch’eung Salm-Feng (13th Century China). A life full of Spirit Guides and Spiritual encounters lead through to studies of Eastern philosophies, practises and Martial arts studies, until he was “ready”. In 1974 he was personally invited to join Prof. Chee Soo’s Teacher Training classes in Dunstable. Here he attained the Teaching grade and Taoist Arts Master Soo opened a school for him in Gt Yarmouth in 1978.


East Anglia Ambassador for Kuoshu (I.C.K.F., R.o.China); also UK Judge and Events Official for ICKF/BKPA & AMA.

Norfolk Representative for Kung-fu, and Events Organiser for Amateur Martial Association, UK.


• Professor of Taoist Arts • MA. and B.N.M.A.A. hons

• Instructor of TCA (Dr. Lam)
• GNVQ 2 Sports Coaching

• Taoist Philosophy • Taoist K'ai Men Yoga
• Taoist Ch’ang Ming Diet (Long Life diet)

• Ch’i Kung Energy Training • Taoist diagnostics, health & healing Arts/TCM. • iTech Computer Studies.

• School Accepted by ICKF as “Genuine trad. Chinese Arts”

Studies Linked.
Psychology & Philosophy are intertwined with Behaviour and Lifestyle. These aspects are all affected by training: correct or incorrect methods. Correct training in Taoist Arts Creates a better psychological Profile. Remember, these are “Life Arts”, designed by Taoists over thousands of years to help improve humanity.

Diet is also linked with behaviour and lifestyle as well as health.

A Brief Resume:


Chinese Pugilism, theory, systems and principles.

History and lineage.

INDIAN; Yoga, Mahayana Buddhism, Sufism, etc.

TIBETAN; Buddhism, philosophy, special meditations, breathing techniques and other exercises.

VARIOUS: Zen, Kempo Karate, Hsing-I Ch’uan, T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Ch’i Kung, TCM, K’ai Men & Taoist Arts generally.

Massage Techniques, Diet and dietetics, Herbalism, Acupressure, Massage and Ch’ang Ming (Long Life Diet),

sports injury avoidance and care, sports photography, etcetera.


Chief Executive Instructor of the AMAA - UK

East Anglia TCA Instructor for Dr. Paul Lam (Australia).

Lecturer for Probation Services.

Other Instructors:
Shih-fu Robin Lawton (Mexico City)

Shihfu Lynda Lee. T’ai Chi/Qigong/Shiatsu.

Shih-fu Ian Draycott. T’ai Chi/Qigong/Tao Ch’uan.

Shih-fu PJ Whiting. T’ai Chi/Qigong.

These Master Grades have been with our school for 18 to 35 years.

Could You Teach & Help Others?

As well as general classes, we can offer Teacher Training to the highest levels plus full backing when needed. T’ien Ti Tao P’ai is one of the most highly respected schools in UK, by those in the martial arts and health world.

Training cannot be hurried; there are no shortcuts. To be the best takes time.