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Welcome to the Heaven & Earth Way School.

This school of traditional Chinese Taoist Arts was first introduced to Norfolk, UK, in 1975. Just ten years later the Grand-Master thought it wise to get the school officially tested and approved by the Chinese Arts authorities; the I.C.K.F. In R.o. China. This was done, slowly over two or more years, and the school was finally fully accepted as “Genuine traditional Chinese Arts” by them; them being a committee of hugely respected Grand-Masters, including the legendary Master Hung I-Hsiang*, whose aim it is to preserve the traditional Chinese Arts of years gone by. This is a great honour and very rare privilege.

*Master I-Hsiang was featured on BBC’s ‘Way of The Warrior’ series, c.1982.

The school has a holistic syllabus, covering everything you need for fitness, health and self-defence.


T’ien Ti Tao incorporates ‘Wild Rose’TM, a self-defence system with women in mind. Grandmaster was the first to teach Women’s self-defence in the East Anglia Region, possibly even UK.

Benefits of Training.
Apart from the obvious training benefits, like better fitness, flexibility and of course self-defence, this system offers more. Much more:

Confidence - Clearer thinking - Calmness - Better Internal Organ Health* - Character building - Stress relief - Lower blood pressure - Focus - Better self-control - better coordination - Better digestion - Better sleep - improved libido - better posture and less tension.

* Health largely relies on a good, pure diet, lack of drugs, pollutants and other health destroying chemicals. Exercise helps rid the body of toxins too, so if you are changing your lifestyle, then this is for you.

“Even the largest Mountain can be moved, just one shovel full at a time.”

Session fees vary according to class and length of time, but somewhere between £7 to £10. If you have any problems or questions, please call us on 07 941 077 119 and leave a message if busy, or email: desk@TTTkungfu.com
(no spam or business)