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Traditional Taoist Arts of T’ien Ti Tao P’ai - The Way of heaven & Earth (Tao)

Below you will find some selected video links that show parts of what students learn.
Please note: This is a serious school and not entertainment. Nor do we encourage untrained people to copy what we do and make errors or cause injury because thy are not trained properly. Therefore we do not “show off” or post images that may lead to careless actions.

Simple Formulated Warm-ups.
this is the sort of warm-ups you might find in our gentle, relaxing yet energising T’ai chi Ch’uan & Qigong classes. An ideal reference point for new students too.
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Taiji Fun!
This is just Shih-fu enjoying practice of two of the advanced Taijiquan weapons, the Staff and the Broadsword. Great fun and extra-special exercise!
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TTT for China.
This was produced to send to China when the school, syllabus and teachers were being tested by the ICKF in the mid-1980’s. This shortened version is just for fun and shows some of the practical application, done “freestyle” (unrehearsed) where it counts, out in the streets.

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What Is “Qigong”?
To enlighten those who live in darkness, this video explains what Qigong (Energy Training), where it came from and why. You will find some amazing facts in this video, but I wonder how many will make you think “That’s news to me!” Sit back, listen and enjoy.

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As stated above, we are not encouraging untrained members of the public, or fake teachers who have never been properly trained, by showing “inner door” technique. Only students who have undergone basic training will be shown these.

These videos may give you some idea of what the core of our school is about. If you really want to make better life and health for yourself, then do make the effort to join classes. If our classes are not in your area, or reach, then do make sure that any instructor you go to is properly trained, accredited and professionally insured.