Tested & Accepted by China ICKF 1987.

Taoist ‘Long Life’ Arts.

By Grandmaster Myke Symonds

Tai Chi Diet: food for life. (Revised 2021) Probably the only diet book you will ever need. It explains what food is, what it does for you or to you, the good, bad and ugly of foods. Plus it has Special Needs for common illnesses.

T’ai Chi Ch’uan
The Wellspring Source Book.

A complete guide to both of our styles, plus the history, philosophic background and more! A student’s dream come true.

Practical Philosophy of Tao. (Revised)

This handy size paperback book reveals the philosophy of Tao. It is highly suitable for schools, individuals who are studying Tao ot those studying Taoist Arts.
Ideal study book for Schools!

Qigong & Baduanjin

Another amazing book for students! This little book takes you through the foundations of Qigong, the basics and basic “Ch’i gathering” exercises, then introduces you to the world’s most popular Set, the “Eight Strands of Silk Brocade”. This is ideal for students, essential for Instructors.

Most of the Chinese Martial Arts styles have “animal forms”. These are techniques for self-defence which mimic animal actions, like the one pictured above left: Snake Winds Around The Branch - a defence in this case from the floor, while the defender is tying his shoe-lace. The attacker takes advantage, so he thinks, and before he knows it he is trapped, struck in the groin and sent tumbling to the floor.

While most our moves are simple and practical, there are some Animal Forms in there too. This makes training all the more fun!

A Phenomenal Success!

The idea started with Dr Paul Lam’s ‘Tai Chi for Arthritis’, which our Grandmaster also studied for several years. The cut-down Sun Style Form was then modified by our head teacher, then had a new section added. It is taught alongside the amazing Qigong (or Ch’i Kung) Form called “Eight Strands of Silk Brocade / Baduanjin. The results are truly amazing, energising, calming, relaxing and re balancing the whole body.

These classes are mainly enjoyed by more mature students who wish to improve their health. It is best suited for those who have the foresight to do preventative exercise and look after their health better while younger.


BUY BUY BUY BUY Animals! School Arts: Course Books: T’ai Chi for Health and Qigong(TM)

Join our popular “Tai Chi for health” classes. These incorporate warm-ups and stretches, Qigong (Energy Training) and more.