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Health Choices & 4 Ways Against Covid.
Pros & Cons.

Coronavirus has been known since 1967 in UK. It has many thousands of Variants, including the cross-over type with animal viruses and the recent Covid-19 and it’s variants. Much confusion has been caused by deliberate Disinformation and Misinformation. This article sets out to give clear facts about your health choices and how each one may affect you.

  1. Drugs. There are many types of Drugs on the market for Colds and Flu, including Lem Sip, Ivermectin, Covirol and others. Most are taken orally. Although drugs may contain anti-inflammatory, pain suppressants or antibiotics, most have strong side-effects too. Most of these are unseen, taking place inside the body and internal organs, or brain. Most people are unaware of the internal effects until a large enough “build up” causes, for example, damage to the Viscera, or Internal Organs. Just in UK, NHS Drugs are said to kill at least 1,600 people each year. Mishaps, or “Adverse reactions”, as they mildy describe it, cause a further 40,000 plus deaths.

  2. Vaccines. Normal Flu vaccines use a Flu virus as the basis to alert the Immune System. Injected, the Immune System meets it at entry point and starts to attack and kill it. Sometimes this works with only the usual mild Immune System responses, feeling like a mild Cold & headache. Many people reportedly get full Flu symptoms however, so the efficacy is both variable and dubious, having no “100% Positive” rating. No long-term effects are known, or at least publicly.
      The new Covid Vaccines are experimental, plus they are not like Flu, Smallpox (withdrawn later after killing just 26 people!) Or Tetanus vaccines. These new “Spike Protein” or “Gene Therapy” vaccines are made, and act, in an entirely different manner. They contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s), modified Cells from Chimpanzee brain, Maquac Monkey and Human Foetal (unborn baby) kidney cells. They also contain chemical elements, such as Mercury and Aluminium - which should never be in the body - and other chemicals: some of which the Lab’s do not allow anyone to know of.
       So far, it appears (not all facts are emerging) that these may have some effect on some people, similar to the normal Immune Response; i.e. protection for up to 3 months. Reports of deaths have so far been in their hundreds of thousands, although some covered-up by spurious computer data losses, or just not recorded as what they really are, but put down as ‘Heart Attack’, for example. Many new side-effects are still coming to light, as this is written in October 2021 - early stages! These side-effects include heart disease, Strokes, Blood clots (small, large or building-up over time), Lung disorders and others which relate to the Nervous System and its functions within the body. Bearing in mind that figures reported may only be “scratching the surface”, so far in UK alone over 1,600 premature deaths and way over 99,800 serious illnesses have occurred: worst cases Oxford/AstraZeneca, then Moderna and Pfizer close behind (Government Yellow Card site source figures.).
       Is this normal? Both National and International figures from many authorative medical sources indicate that 99.9% of people never caught Coronavirus in the first place. Out of the 00.01% that did get it, most were ill or not getting the right nutrition (the Immune System needs correct Vitamins & Minerals to work) or had lung/heart disorders from smoking or other problems. Out of that 00.01% though, the vast majority actually recovered; c. 96% recovery rate.

  3. Old Fashioned Remedies. For centuries, mankind has lived with predatory virus's, germs and organisms. Traditionally, the “elders” of the community would look after the younger ones, who were still learning. Age old advice was handed down from generation to generation, helping to protect and preserve, cure or ward off illnesses, which usually occur when someone is “run down” (weak or depleted). One such recipe for Colds & Flu is a hot drink made of Honey & Lemon. Honey has both offers antibacterial activity, Antimicrobial property and Immunomodulatory properties (especially Manuka honey). Honey (heated) is an ancient remedy for the treatment of infected wounds, which has recently been ‘rediscovered’ by the medical profession, particularly where conventional modern therapeutic agents fail. Honey is also a anti-sceptic and anti-inflammatory agent, reducing swelling caused by pathogenic bacteria or virus. Thank you Bees!
       Lemon Juice is another ancient wonder. Lemon juice contains Vitamin C, B, E and minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, zinc, and iron. Therefore consuming lemon strengthens the immune system because it stimulates the white blood cells. These are all the active ingredients that the Immune System had been lacking and why it did not have the power to stop the Germ or Virus! Lemon acids help eliminate and oxidize fats and even those that make the heart's work difficult and neutralize toxic substances from the blood. Lemons also have powerful anti-bacterial and healing properties, so combined with honey make a formidable healing agent. Lemon juice can also help clear the Lungs of phlegm and other “debris”, helping the Immune System to eject anything that is harmful.
       When someone started to develop Cold (shivery and sneezing) symptoms, or Flu (hot and headache) symptoms, they were made a Hot Honey & Lemon drink, told to wrap up in extra layers of clothing and go to bed with a Hot Water Bottle and sweat it out! - Virus don’t like hot conditions! - After a few days, the person would be recovering, go out for walks to get fresh air (also good for the Immune System and needed for rebuilding cells), but still wrapped up nice and warm so the chest/lungs did not get cold. The old saying “Feed a Cold, starve a fever” was also used wisely.

  4. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). This has been around for over 5,000 years. Most was discovered by Taoists - those who study TAO, The Way, or Nature of the Universe & Humans in it. Wise Old Taoists realised that the Human body, like other animals on the planet, is “natural” and requires natural things to maintain natural health. They realised that unnatural things were detrimental to the human body, or otheranimals.This lead to pathogenic conditions (disease forming situations). Tao Science comes under the banner of Ch’ang Ming (Long Life), and includes Diet, exercises (T’ai Chi, Qigong, Taoist “Yoga”, etc.) which are all Preventative medicine. Remedial medicine includes Diet changes, Herbs, Acupressure, Medical Qigong and Massage Manipulation of muscles, ligaments and joints to correct posture related problems.
       Diagnostics includes look, smell, colour under skin, touch (pulses or feel of skin) and listening, plus a whole host of questions about lifestyle and diet! This alone can take at least a day, as it is very thorough and very important. In fact, TCM is so far advanced that it has become “complex simple”; simple because it is very accurate and holistic, complex because one has to learn many aspects of the whole human body and functions. This is why it has “split” over the millenniums and now has those who specialise in, say, Acupuncture, others in Herbs, others in Diet, exercise, etc.
       The Cons? In truth, there are none, except those which people make for themselves. Being lazy is one; i.e. “Oh I can’t be bothered with all that exercise stuff!”, Or “I like the taste of *****, and ain’t giving that up!”, Even if it does kill them! Especially where society has been “westernised”, with added chemicals, reliance on drugs, artificial flavours and colouring, etcetera, the Pathogenic Rates are far, far higher than in countries where people eat a natural, healthy diet, exercise or do varied physical work daily. At the end of the day, it is not someone else’s responsibility to fix you when it all goes “pear-shaped”, but your responsibility to maintain your health. Your choice. Which do you choose though, from the 4 options above?

    About the author: Prof. Myke Symonds, Grandmaster of T’ien Ti Tao P’ai (School). Teacher of Diet & Taoist Arts  for over 48 years. Studies of Psychology, social behaviour, diet, herbs,TCM and various eastern belief systems life-long.